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ARTIST Anrietta
TITLE Memoraphonica
LABEL Novel Sounds
CAT No. UNS-034
DATE 2012/5/2
PRICE ¥1,890 (tax in)
1. Aqua
2. lost seasons
3. On the way across the rainbow
4. Latency
5. amaranthine
6. Heart sound travels
7. Grassky
8. thaw
9. Story of circle
■Music Video DVD
Anrietta is a Dreamy-pop band formed by kokko(Vo), genki itaya(Gt,other), maiku kawasaki(Gt), JP(Ba), yuuki nemoto(Dr) in 2009.

Anrietta / Aqua

Anrietta / Grassky

Anrietta / On the way across the rainbow

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